Trelleborg Pipe Seals DrainPlusLiner 2.0

There are differences between how a product is marketed in German and in English — an insight that became clear to me when I first started working with Trelleborg Pipe Seals to translate their marketing collaterals from German to English. For example, marketing copy in German tends to use the passive voice much more than English marketing or advertising copy.

As a marketing professional, I also understand the importance of understanding a product before writing copy for it. So it is important to me that I don’t just translate any text given to me — I take the time to understand the product, translate the copy and “optimise” it for an English-speaking market.

And this is a value-add that is appreciated by clients such as Trelleborg Pipe Seals, whom I have worked with to translate a wide range of materials ranging from press releases to case studies and marketing brochures.

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This particular marketing campaign for the DrainPlusLiner 2.0 was particularly interesting for me because it was a new product with exciting new features. To launch it, I worked with the marketing team to translate — and transform — the German copy for the marketing brochure, flyer and case study to English.